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Clovis Dye:

Long ago when the trip to Kazutori-con was first planned there was a very different idea of how the sequence for meeting Scott McNeil should end, however - as the years went by - I decided I never liked the final part for a variety of reasons. At times I wanted to cut the segment out entirely, but felt I wasn't allowed to do that seeing as how the sequence had already been foreshadowed during the drive to the convention center. I began to wonder if I could just skip the comic wherein they met them, and show them having an after-the-fact conversation discussing how McNeil's panel collapsed into a singularity (although I considered this, I considered that cheating). After seeing the last couple of pages from Jeff I asked him if he'd like to try something really ambitious, and I'm genuinely surprised by how well panel-3 turned out.

Jeff G:

When I read the script for this page I knew the standard size panels wouldn't be big enough to show everything described, so I decided to use double-height panels on this one. This gave me adequate space to show off Scott's pyramid, and do a proper Akira homage, and better show the aftermath of the explosion then implosion.