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  • 3/30/08 - Patchwork Family has given us comicy goodness with its 41st comic today. In addition, Super Mario Brothers Unlimited put out Comic #14 as a part of its new weekly update schedule for every sunday (hence why there was no update on the front page for #13 a week ago).

  • 3/25/08 - Today Chrono Trigger Unglued Episode 16 was released, enjoy the awesome episode!

  • 3/19/08 - Today we have unvieled our hosting of an old webcomic, The Sonic Zone - This comic site is preserved from its original tripod site, so it does not follow our normal setup and does not link back to us as it is an archival copy. In addition Laserkid has brought out Comic #12 of his Super Mario Unlimited comic. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, yesterday the Chrono Trigger Unglued subsite released a preview of episode 16 which is currently being worked on.

  • 2/27/08 - Patchwork Family has been updated to strip #40!

  • 2/20/08 - Super Mario Brothers Unlimited has released its 11th comic. It begs the question what ARE the powerup items? Find out in todays new comic!

  • 2/15/08 - We have made several changes to the site in the last few weeks but I haven't gotten myself to note the updates officially, so I'm doing so now. First off, for you Firefox users, you may notice that this site is much more viewable. With some help from forum goer ESD, we've made this site 100% firefox compatible. We've also done an overhaul to the Chrono Trigger Unglued site, much to the help of staff member Jeff G. for providing more layout graphics like he did for this main page. Theres also been some reworking of the Work-Study page's navigation to match that of the other comics sites. Theres also been a comic update on the work study page. In addition Jeff G. has provided yet even more comic-ey goodness with his most recent Patchwork Family comic. Lastly Mario Unlimited Comic #10 was also added today.Expect more comic updates VERY soon, and possibly a game review or article, or two.

  • 1/29/08 - Page 9 of Super Mario Brothers Unlimited has been brought to life by staff member Laserkid.

  • 1/11/08 - Patchwork Family updated to a new comic (as well as added a background image) and Work-Study updated to a new comic.

  • 1/08/08 - We have two new articles today! Wonder Boy...WTF?! by Clovis Dye, and Life & Gaming: The Profound Intersection of one Person's Experience by Myuu who submitted it to us. Both are excellenbt reads so go ahead and enjoy them!

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