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Before you visit our forums, please read over the rules:

The Golden Rules

Rule One: Ace-Attorneys Not Welcome
You are not allowed to use the wording of any of the rules to find a way to take an action not desired and then claim it's perfectly legal. Beligerence when you're already in trouble will only make you get in more trouble.

Rule Two: Only YOU Can Prevent Forum Fires
Clever/unclever attempts, regardless of whether or not they have foul language in them, that are designed to bring out the worst in others will make us unhappy. You're allowed to not like stuff, but you are not allowed to make a post purely with intent of inciting anger (we decide which is which).

Rule Three: We Want Debaters, not Master Baiters!
Some people want to have debates on topics that have the pontential to go sour, other people want nothing better than to never be in the middle of those conversations. To this end we have created the Debate Hall, allowing people who want to the ability to do so to do so and people who don't want to the ability to do so to avoid it. However, debating is a not a license to goad people into a fight. Those who abuse the debate hall will be removed from it (either temporarily, or permanently).

Rule Four: Sarcasm is not a Substitute for an Apology
If you get called out by someone for being insultful, you may not insult them for being insulted by your attack by retroactively claiming "Dur, it was sarcasm you tard!" or something like that. If you're going to say something is sarcasm, you must do it when you first make the post.

Rule Five: This is Not Camelot, We Do Not Post the Spam-a-Lot
We are not post Nazis, we understand that sometimes posting twice in a row is a very natural outcome. Furthermore, people sometimes legitimately have multiple discussions to start. However, they say that it is the empty barrel that makes the most noise. If someone begins to producing a large amount of post, with little content, in a short period of time, then we will be forced to take action.

Rule Six: Enternal Rest is Supposed to be Eternal
Forum Necromancy is greatly frowned upon. This forum has been around for quite some time, and we don't want to see any zombie threads coming to life that are a couple year ripe. Besides, as I said before, you're not getting points.

Rule Seven: This is a no Goatse.cx Zone
While that site might not still be around, others like it still are. Do not post obscene material here. Do not link it. Just plain no when it comes to it. This does not mean we are hyper conservative on issues of human nudity in art, but we're definitely against those places.

Rule Eight: Don't Do Anything Johnny Don't Does
Thou shalt not discuss how to get stuff illegally. This means you may not discuss roms, bit-torrents, mp3s, etc. You may discuss emulators themselves as they are themself inherently legal, or even anime not yet released in the US; but you will neither help - nor encourage - someone here to prefer/get illegal files, nor ask for them. Furthermore, you not will make arguments in defense of the act of bootlegging, as these can be taken as attempts to encourage it.

Rule Nine: Stay on Target
Every section has a topic, stay with it. Almost everything should be immediately obvious. However, Creative Works must specifically be your own. Accidents will be forgiven, repeat offenders will be flogged.

Rule Ten: It's a Confidential Mission
The RP Chat Room is a private club and you must ask a moderator for permission before you barge in. That said, we actually do want new members assuming you're willing to keep a regular schedule for us.

Rule Eleven: You are not a Shonen Jump Hero
If we tell you to stop doing something not covered here, you are not the people's hero if you stamp your foot down and keep doing it anyways. We are not afraid of what others will think of us if we remove you. There is no plot device protecting you.

Rule Twelve: The Great Melting Pot
These forums exist for multiple works on this site, so please be respectful of this fact when coming across the fandom of other things our multi-purpose forums also cover.

Rule Thirteen: We Don't Need Rent-A-Cops
We are completely capable of enforcing our own rules, and informing people of when they are actually failing to follow the rules. Citizens of the forum are not to take the law into their own hands and, should they see a problem, report to us before they attempt to tell the potential offender what they are doing wrong. This prevents vigilante enforcements of the law based on non staff interpretations.
If you agree to all this, then Come Join our forum!
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